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Municipality of Argos

It is an effigy of armed divinity, mainly of Athena Pallas, which was believed to protect the city, in which it was founded. The Palladium of Troy, which Diomedes and Ulysses took away from the city, was famous.
Diomedes with Ulysses entered the Acropolis of Troy and, after they had killed many guards Diomedes was the first to grab the Palladium, while Ulysses followed him. The Palladium had been given to Dardanos by Zeus. But Diomedes deceived Ulysses telling him that he had taken the copy of the Palladium, while he had taken the original one. As they were coming down from the Acropolis Ulysses realized that Diomedes was had the original Palladium and he pulled out his sword to threaten Diomedes and take it the Achaeans himself. But Diomedes, pulling his sword out as well made him go in front, until they reached the camp. This is the origin of the proverbial phrase Diomedeios anagki (=Diomedess need). According to the prophecy, the Greeks should take the Palladium from the city to be able to win.
This Palladium had the form of a wooden statue and was guarded with great precautions in the sanctuary of the temple. Its presence ensured the protection of the city and it made it impregnable. It was depicted through art, -especially on pottery from the end of the 6th century B.C. as a statue of the goddess Athena, armed with a pike and a shield ready to hit the enemy.

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